• Gathering claimants

Are you a UK Facebook user who suspects they may have had their personal data misused by Facebook? If your personal information has been shared with third parties without your knowledge or consent, it is likely you will have a claim for financial compensation, breaches of data protection law, the misuse of your private information and breach of confidence. You may have received a notification from Facebook informing you that your personal information has been shared with a third party through the “This is your Digital Life” App. Or, if you have not yet received a notification, you can find out by checking eligibility to join the case.

Make a claim

Where you are eligible our solicitors will work with you to make an individual claim or claim as part of a group against Facebook for misusing your data. We never share your data with anyone other than our solicitors and there are no fees to pay.

If you have received a notification from Facebook adivising you that your data may have been misused, please complete the form below.

Alternatively, go to the page where you can check if your data has potentially been misused and check before completing the form below.

By pressing the “Make a claim” button you are giving us consent to process your Personal Data. You can see how we handle your Personal Data here. You can see our full Cookie and Privacy Policy here.