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You may have found yourself to be one of many people who has been affected by negligence, fraud, or other wrong-doing of a 3rd party. In this situation, it may be possible for us to verify that you have a viable legal case, identify the other people affected in the same way, and then to provide the legal funding and so that together we can take your case forward and obtain either a settlement or win.

I want to join a case I have seen...

Go here, find the case and request to join.

What specific kinds of legal claims do you cover?

The only limitation is that the case must have affected multiple parties (over 20 people or businesses) so please consider this carefully before submitting your claim.

Is there a cost?

Typically we will verify that your case can be won or settled, provide funding and proceed with the remainder of the case until a settlement or win has been achieved. For this, the fees are dependant on the cost and risk and they will be taken from the winnings or the legal costs on a no-win no-fee basis.

Whilst we try to help all visitors to this site, we can never guarantee that we are able to help or that no legal fees will apply. Most of the cases we help with will be conducted by legal service providers who will make no charge to you. If we or a legal service provider can't arrange funding, then make sure that you know, before you are committed to any expense, what level of expense you may incur.

What about if I change my mind?

Initially requesting to join a case or creating a case for review is no obligation, as is joining a case if you are eligible. If it is determined that you have joined a case that is viable and you have provided consent to be a party to legal proceedings you may be liable for costs if you pull out without reasonable cause.

What about if the case fails to proceed, or fails to win, or fails to settle?

If we cannot identify enough other claimants, the case is not viable to win or settle, and/or the case is lost where the case is financed on a no-win no-fee basis then no fees will be due. The service is designed to take forward only viable claims at our own risk, and without risk to you.

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For legal firms

Can you help my firm locate claimants with a similar legal complaint?

Yes. You may identify cases which have scope beyond your client and they may be just one of many potential claimants with a similar complaint. In this scenario, we would like to speak to you about gathering more claimants for your case using our technology platform and marketing solutions. We offer this service on a paid basis and/or as part of a partnership depending on the circumstances.

What other cost areas of group litigation can you reduce?

In building out a claimant database you may currently be incurring the costs of bespoke websites, PR and marketing, data collection and verification, phone chasing and other aspects associated with trying to locate and onboard people who would be benefactors of a case win or settlement. We bring on-boarding, verification, compliance and ongoing communication and data collection into one solution.

What about data gathering and compliance?

Our platform can gather, verify and validate large amounts of claim data using variously automated and semi-automated methods reducing expenditure on paralegal work.

What about communication with the group?

As the case progresses you can keep the claimant group up-to-date and gather more information as required. The removes the need for thousands of emails.

What about chasing for documentation and information?

Our platform automatically chases group members to complete documentation or forms you have requested.

For barristers

How do you work with barristers?

We are looking for barristers to join our panel to verify that cases can be won. You can choose how you want to work with us by A. either earning the most by sharing in the success of the outcome of a case or B. being paid less upfront with more certainty around fees. Please contact us for more information.

For litigation funders

How do you work with litigation funders?

We work with litigation funders to fund cases brought to us by legal firms, barristers and consumers. Contact us if you would like to join our panel or discuss working together.