Google 'right to be forgotten'

Only a third of 'right to be forgotten' requests result in the removal of information from Google’s search results.

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Google right to be forgotten

Google receives hundreds of thousands of ‘requests to be forgotten’ from individuals wishing to protect their privacy. Only 5% of requests are from people with criminal convictions, politicians and high-profile public figures with more than 95% of requests coming from ordinary members of the public. Data has been released showing that only approximately a third of the requests are processed and actioned resulting in the removal of the information from Google’s results. Have you had an illness that has been disclosed online for all to see? Has someone unwittingly put your personal information on the internet where anyone can view it? Are past aspects of your personal life still displaying on the internet? If you have completed requests for this information to be removed from Google’s search results and they have either not responded, not replied in a timely fashion or have denied your request, we may be able to help with removal of the information and obtain compensation on a no-win no-fee basis.



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